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Charlie Bravo Gift Box

Charlie Bravo Gift Box


Remember how you felt when you first heard the story of Charlie? Now you can share this story with family and friends with our first Charlie Bravo Gift Box, shipped directly from the Casa del Whackos just in time for Christmas.

Inside the box:

  • A first edition of the book, pawtogaphed by the queen herself.
  • A sagebrush scented candle, created especially for Charlie by the Cimarron Candle Company in, you guessed it, Cimarron, New Mexico. Nothing takes you west like the scent of high mountain sage; unless its the motorcycle, but we couldn't fit the Honda into the box.
  • A bag of Sweet Rusty's dog treats, a favorite of the inmates of the Casa(dad likes them as well, but don't tell anyone)
  • A bag of Charlie's robust "Bravo Blend" coffee, guaranteed to get your motor running.

And who knows what other items might just find their way into the box?

Place your order soon, as we have a limited supply, and Merry Charkmas from the Casa del Whackos!